American-Made Coffee Roasters by Roaster Dynamics, LLC

Our company combines the latest technology and artisan craftsmanship to make roasting systems that meet your requirements. We make sure that each of our roasting equipment has the precision to deliver consistent flavor profiles. All the roasters we offer are proudly made in the United States.

Why Choose Us

We provide the highest level of customer service and workmanship in every roaster we design and build. Our goal is to keep our clients up and running.

Up-to-Date Controls

We tried and tested various control schemes in order to find the one that could meet our clients’ needs. We decided to focus on what was originally offered as the ProfilePlusDCQ system for Ambex roasters.

Over the years, we kept updating our roasters to match the constantly evolving technology and demand for hardware and controls. We currently offer the Profiling Dynamics control system with up-to-date hardware and information that most operators are looking for.

Our Founder

Roaster Dynamics, LLC is led by Paul Ribich, our founder who started off in the industry with small manual roasting equipment in 2003. He quickly learned that achieving cup repeatability by making labor-intensive gas adjustments throughout the roasting process was a difficult task. Using his background in mechanical engineering and process automation for a plant floor, he set out to design a more efficient control system for roasters.

Paul honed his skills by serving and installing roasters of various makes and models. After gaining first-hand experience with the inefficiency of current roasters, he decided to branch out and design his own line of roasters. Under his management, our company continues to work hard to produce top-quality roasters that are easy to clean and maintain without compromising roasting capabilities.

Get in Touch With Us

Roaster Dynamics, LLC is a company in Clearwater, FL that leads the industry in design, installation, and adaptation of coffee roasters and state-of-the-art control technology. We design and manufacture coffee roasters and their control panels. Contact us for more information about our roasting systems.