State-of-the-Art Roasters for Your Coffee Business

Roaster Dynamics, LLC is a company that has been providing coffee roasters with high-precision profiling control systems since 2003. Starting in 2009 we branched out to designing, building and selling coffee roaster made in the USA to assist our clients in achieving their dreams.

Mission Statement

We pride ourselves on our customer service, workmanship, and ability to keep our customers up and running.

Innovative Coffee Roaster Company

Our business continuously strives to improve and innovate over the span of more than 16 years of building control systems for coffee roasters. We do this to give you roasting services that meet the growing demands of the market. Settling for good enough is never an option for us, so we dedicate ourselves to finding new ways of bringing a higher level of efficiency to roasting companies.

Quality Roasters Made in the USA

Using a combination of artisan craftsmanship and top-of-the-line technology, we create automated and manually controlled coffee roasters that deliver repeatable cup results. Each one is made in the USA and designed to give you ease of operation, maintenance, and cleaning. We currently offer four different sizes with two larger capacity options in the works.

Reach Out to Us

Whether you are looking for a small batch or large production roaster, we have you covered. You can rely on us for all your coffee roasting goals and needs. Get in touch with us today to learn how our coffee roaster company can help you.

Mike Simmons

Professional Software Engineer, Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters, Inc

"I really wanted to compliment you on a nice piece of engineering work!

This is a slick system and it really is a time saver when you can be performing other activities during the roast. 

I can see there was a lot of thought, time, and effort put into this and it is pretty impressive. Great work! "

Kevin DuPre

Roast Master, Owner -- Isla Java Coffee Co., LLC, Troy, Michigan

“Our roaster and control tower is now out of warranty. We purchased an Ambex YM-5 with ProfilePlus DCQ automation control when we started our roasting business back in 2007. The roaster and control tower (which is the heart of repeatable roast profiles) and an invention of Roaster Dynamics’ Paul Ribich has worked flawlessly since we began operations and represents best-in-class automated roasting control. We’ve done our due diligence and it is truly without equal. Paul worked with us back in 2007 to integrate our own design AB-5 Thermal Oxidizing Afterburner into the roasting process and the ProfilePlus DCQ control tower.

It’s nice to know that our investment is supported by a top-notch organization like Roaster Dynamics and we will continue to go to Paul and Roaster Dynamics for all our process automation needs.

Thanks, Paul, for getting us back online and helping us preserve our investment!”

Anthony Valerio

President & CBO (Chief Bean Officer), Valerio Coffee Roasters, Inc., Audubon, PA

"I bought my second Roaster Dynamics Roaster, last year and I am extremely happy with it.  I have three roasters now and my favorite is the R18 from Roaster Dynamics.  Over engineered, if something can actually be.  Great power, fast to heat, good airflow and easy to understand controls.  I can do adjustments on the fly.  As far as service goes, Paul answers his phone or calls back same day.  He reaches out periodically especially if he’s traveling through, who does that?  He has actually stop in to update something, that he figured out, would work better.  I started in 1992 with a coffee shop, I can count using one hand how many people cared about my success as much as theirs.  This guy is one of them."