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Our roaster and control tower is now out of warranty.  We purchased an Ambex YM-5 with ProfilePlus DCQ automation control when we started our roasting business back in 2007.  The roaster and control tower (which is the heart of repeatable roast profiles) and an invention of Roaster Dynamics Paul Ribich has worked flawlessly since we began operations and represents best-in-class automated roasting control. We’ve done our due diligence and it is truly without equal.  Paul worked with us back in 2007 to integrate our own design AB-5 Thermal Oxidizing Afterburner into the roasting process and the ProfilePlus DCQ control tower.

Recently the Stealth PC, which runs the ProfilePlus DCQ software, failed and not wanting to spend $2500 to replace it explored options and ended up with an ASUS Eee Box NetTop PC which is self contained 64-bit computing platform that runs Window 7.  We now understand that Roaster Dynamics’ automation solution reaches across a broad base of roasting equipment besides Ambex.  Our challenge was to get our operation back online with this new compact PC and after inquiry, Paul, from Roaster Dynamics, contacted us and worked tirelessly, remotely to get us a version of his software that would run on the Windows 7 platform and help us get everything working again, even providing support through a July 4th holiday weekend.

it’s nice to know that our investment is supported by a top-notch organization like Roaster Dynamics and we will continue to go to Paul and Roaster Dynamics for all our process automation needs.

Thanks Paul for getting us back online and helping us preserve our investment!”

Kevin DuPre, Roast Master, Owner  --  Isla Java Coffee Coffee Co., LLC, Troy, Michigan

"I really wanted to complement you on a nice piece of engineering work!

This is a slick system and it really is a time saver when you can be performing other activities during the roast. 

I can see there was a lot of thought, time, and effort put into this and it is pretty impressive.  Great work! "

Mike Simmons,  Professional Software Engineer, Java Planet Organic Coffee Roasters, Inc

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