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Real Time Coffee Roaster Control Systems

Profiling Dynamics™

You really can have the best of all coffee roasting worlds.

Profiling Dynamics™  is a real time coffee roast profiling and data logging system allowing all the control you need and want for even your most subtle roast characteristics.

Logging Dynamics™

Logging Dynamics™ is a fully customizable coffee roast data logging system that allows you to create roasting profiles and track them in real time while you are roasting.

Have all the data and information you need to replicate your perfect roast recipes and manage your roasting business perfectly. 

Ambex Profile Plus™ 

We invented and developed the Ambex ProfilePlus™ system.

...And we build, install, support and maintain them on Ambex roasters

Customized Coffee Roaster Controls

We can help with retrofitting your coffee roaster with manual controls all the way up to fully automated controls.  Let us help you get just the amount of control you are looking for.

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Coffee Roaster

and Equipment Sales

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-Manual Roasters

-Fully Controlled Roasters with Profiling Dynamics™ control system

Our custom designed American manufactured gas drum coffee roasters.  See our Equipment Sales Page

Coffee Roasters


2kilo - 120kilo Ambex OEM supplied coffee roasters manufactured by Ambex Coffee Roasters and Grinders, Inc.

Auxiliary Coffee Roaster Equipment




    Chaff Collectors



    Silo’s - COMING SOON


   Coffee Grinders

-Semi-Controlled Roasters with Profiling Dynamics LITE™ control system

Whatever Equipment you need for your Coffee Roasting Facility

Cafe Equipment

for help in choosing and purchasing grinders, espresso machines, brewers or anything else you may need for your Coffee Cafe.

We’ve installed our coffee roaster control systems on the following manufacturer’s roasters:   



    Has Grantili




We can upgrade your roaster with one of our Dynamics Coffee Roaster Control Systems

Coffee Roasting System TraininG

Onsite Coffee Roaster Control Technology Training specifically designed for you and your personnel

Specialized Training Design & Documentation

Coming Soon - A new menu of Specialized Coffee Roasting Related Training Experiences

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