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Profiling Dynamics™

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Profiling Dynamics LITE

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We can start with any of our standard coffee roaster systems described below to build a coffee roaster control and/or logging system that fits your roaster.  We can also create a  completely custom control/logging system that meets your specific needs.

Ambex ProfilePlus™

RealTime Coffee Roast Management Systems


Roaster Dynamics is proud to offer a new coffee roaster profiling control system, Profiling Dynamics LITE™

Profiling Dynamics LITE™ provides all of the burner profiling control of the full Profiling Dynamics™ system, without the coffee roaster automation control of the motors and doors.

Do you already have an Ambex Profile Plus™  system installed?

We invented and developed the Ambex ProfilePlus™ system.

...And we build, install, support and maintain them on Ambex coffee roasters.

Profiling Dynamics™ is a real time coffee roast profiling and data logging system allowing all the control you need and want for even your most subtle roast characteristics. 

Logging Dynamics™ is a fully customizable data logging system that allows the coffee roaster operator to create roasting profiles and track them in real time during the coffee roasting.

We’ve installed our coffee roaster control systems on the following manufacturer’s roasters:   



Has Grantili




San Franciscan



We can upgrade your roaster with one of our Dynamics Coffee Roaster Control Systems

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